Payments infrastructure for real estate agencies of all sizes.

Accept and send payment requests in your own branded payments platform with Rello.

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Offer multiple payment options so your customers can pay the way they want to.

+ Streamlined payments gateway

Accept online credit and debit card payments from customers, vendors, or tenants with funds settled in your account the next day.

+ Instant payment for services

Let your customers pay for vendor-paid advertising or have your agents use their own unique QR code when on the road. Accept payments for holding deposits on property sales or new rentals.

+ Simplified payment requests

Send recurring or one-off instant payment requests for rental bonds or advance costs for incoming tenants. Provide a link in your outgoing invoices allowing for 24/7 card payment.

+ Payment notifications

Receive real-time notifications when payments are made on email or via your agent dashboard.

+ It's all in your brand

Have your own branded payments gateway for your agency or franchise.

How does it benefit my agency?

Why risk sending emails with your bank details, when you can use your own branded payments app?

Payments are secure and encrypted and adhere to all global compliance requirements.

The integrated experience makes finance and admin more efficient for the office.

No monthly fees or set-up costs. You can pass on card transaction costs to the cardholder.

Accept payments anywhere anytime with funds settled in your bank account the next business day.

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Simple 3-step process



Use your ABN, agency name and director details to apply for the Rello payments solution for your office.

Account Set-up

Our team will verify your information, set you up on Rello. We will also link your account one of the numerous integrations we have to make it even easier to send payments.

Start accepting payments

Within a week of onboarding you’ll be able to send and receive card payments through your agency, website, or invoices. We’ll book time to make sure your office know how to use Rello.

Early pay for Agents

Don’t wait. Get access to your money today.

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+ Quick access to funds

Access between $2,000 and $50,000 per exchanged contract commissions.*

+ Reduced cash flow gaps

You can get paid commissions upfront without waiting weeks for settlement and boost your cashflow.

+ Easy and repeatable

No need to reapply each time a property sells, credit limits increase automatically as your business grows.

+ Security

The advance funding is secured against your commissions, with no need for further security.

Access to working capital

A simpler way to access finance for your agency which you can use over and over again.

Simple Pricing

Funds are advanced, and you only pay for what you use. If you don’t need us, there are no costs.


We deal directly with you and have no interaction with the vendor.

Easy to Use

Integration with a range of leading CRMs and access to a self-service online portal available 24/7.


Same day approval so you can access your funds when you need it.

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Chat with one of our members from Team Rello to see how our solutions can work for you.

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* Terms and conditions apply. Funding provided by Rello Finance Pty Ltd, ACN 633 994 859.