Access property marketing costs upfront

What is Pay Later for Marketing Costs?

Bridge the expense gap between campaign and sale.


+ The marketing you need is covered!

Online advertising, print marketing and brochures.

+ Minor improvements sorted

Cosmetic home improvements, including painting, gardening and electrical.

+ Styling for sale

Property styling and presentation.

+ Conveyancer invoice help

Conveyancer fees can be put into a payment plan for you to be able to manage funds during sale and settlement.

How does it benefit me?

RelloPay offers vendors access to property marketing upfront with a simple online application & fast approval for up to 2% of the expected sales price capped at $25,000, and pay for it later, typically from the proceeds of the sale.

How to Start


Easy online application that takes no longer than 15 minutes.


Our team will verify your information, directors and set you up on the platform.


The Marketing Amount will be forwarded to your Agency within 24-48 hours and available for you to leverage.

Still have questions?

Chat with one of our team members to see how our solutions can work for you.

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* Terms and conditions apply. Funding provided by RealPay Holdings Pty Ltd, ACN 651 812 645.