Payment Solutions for Agencies and Platforms

What’s in it for Agencies?

+ Productivity

Be productive and time-efficient with our easy-to-use system.

+ Better Cashflow

Cashflow benefits for your business, team and customers.

+ Provide Options

Help your customers with access to ‘Pay Later’ options.

+ Customisable Platform

Fully configurable platform designed specifically for your business.

Key Agency Benefits

Team productivity and time efficiency with our easy-to-use systems.

Improvement of cash flow for your business, team and customers.

Get paid instantly while customers have access to ‘Pay Later’ as an option.

A configurable platform that you can design specifically for your business.

What do Platforms get?

+ Additional Product Capability

Integrated payments offering to add to your existing product offering to your Agency customers.

+ Integrated Payments Platform

We integrate with industry software providers to enable automated online ‘Pay Now’ and ‘Pay Later’ solutions.

+ Help Your Agency Clients

Fully configurable platform designed specifically with the needs of your Agency customer in mind.

+ Customisable White-Label

Option to add your own or your Agency customer’s touch with branding, logo and other customised information for a unique solution.

Key Platform Benefits

Provide an inbuilt ‘Pay Now’ and ‘Pay Later’ solution for your customers.

Help simplify operations and administration for your customers.

Enable your clients to manage their payments on your platform.

Simplified workflow built into the CRM for automated re/payment processes.

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