Access your commissions now.

Why wait for the funds you worked so hard for?

Why choose Rello?

Easy Set-up

Onboard once and use us whenever you need. No need to contact your vendors.

Fast Access

Fast, stress-free funding within 24 hours for up to 100% of your commission, less our fee.

No Property Security

Funding is secured against your commissions, with no need for further security.

Simple Pricing

You only pay for what you use. If you don’t need us, there are no costs.

Get access to working capital

A simpler way to access finance for your agency that you can use over and over again. Get paid as soon as your contracts become unconditional.

How it works?

Once you have an unconditional exchanged contract, upload the contract of sale and listing authority to our portal, and we will fund your bank account the next day. You repay at settlement.


Use your ABN, agency name and director details to onboard with Rello for early access to commission funding for your office or yourself.

Account Set-up

We'll verify your information, set you up with Rello and show you how easy it is to access your commissions early.

Get Paid

Within a day, you’ll be able to request and receive early payment for commissions on your exchanged contracts.

Ready to get paid by Rello? Click on the link below and get onboarded.

Supporting agents and offices all over Australia.

* Terms and conditions apply. Funding provided by Rello Finance Pty Ltd, ACN 633 994 859.

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